Personal Injury/Tort Litigation

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Personal Injury/ Tort Litigation in Claremore OK

Back injuries, car accidents, and slip and fall accidents can have a devastating impact on your future earning capacity. When another person is responsible for your injuries, they should be responsible for the financial burden placed on you due to lost wages, increasing medical bills, and other personal financial matters related to your injury.

You have rights as a victim of another person’s negligent behavior. We make sure your rights are protected. We also have deep knowledge of the various tactics’ insurance companies will take to settle your legitimate claim for far less than your actual losses.

Whether you were injured in a car accident, had a fall at work or at a business, or you suffered an injury caused by someone’s negligence, Higgins & Easley is here to help you recover financially. We will help make sure your medical bills are covered, and you are compensated for the time you lost from work. While you focus on your physical recovery, let a team of skilled personal injury lawyers work to protect you from predatory insurers who are interested in only their bottom line. Contact Higgins & Easley today and let us develop a strategy to help you move forward.