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The third leading cause of death in the United States is medical error. Losing a loved one or suffering a life-long problem because a doctor failed to properly diagnose a medical condition is devastating. Another worry is the care of our loved ones in skilled nursing facilities. When we find out our loved one is being abused by the very people who are tasked with caring for them, we want someone to be held accountable.

Claremore OK Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

When your loved one is placed in a nursing home, they are offered various protections under the 1987 Nursing Home Reform Act (NHRA). In addition to the right to privacy and ability to communicate with anyone they choose, patients also have other rights including protections from physical abuse and neglect, theft of personal property, and having their needs met. When any of these rights is violated, there are protections in place which allow them to file a complaint. Whether you are a nursing home patient, or a family member who feels their loved one’s rights have been violated, you need an attorney who can help.

Too often, residents of nursing homes or their family members do not file complaints because of the concern it will only make the situation worse. This is the wrong tact since these issues seldom improve, if anything, someone abusing a resident is likely to worsen if they are not held accountable.

If you are a nursing home resident or the family member of and have concerns about the care in a nursing facility, contact Higgins & Easley today and let us offer you some guidance on your next steps.