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At Higgins & Easley our attorneys have over 50 years of combined experience practicing in Indian country. With intimate knowledge of Tribal, Federal, and State courts, thus you can be assured that our attorneys are prepared to handle any situation in Indian county.
Our areas of practice encompass a variety of fields, including: Civil Litigation, Criminal Matters, and Peacemaking. At Higgins & Easley we have represented clients across Indian country who are facing a variety of unique issue’s specific to Oklahoma reservations. If you are a tribal member, you are a citizen of a sovereign nation and it is important for you to know your rights. Regardless of the issue’s you are facing, you are entitled to the best possible legal representation available. Our firm offers an intimate knowledge of the tribal court system thanks to more than five decades of experience trying cases and practicing law in Indian country.

Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense Attorney Claremore OK At Higgins & Easley we have represented clients across Rogers and adjacent counties who are facing serious criminal charges including drug possession, DUI, assault, and battery, manslaughter, sexual offenses. Regardless of the charges you are facing, you have the right to the best possible legal defense available. Our firm offers […]

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Family Law

Oklahoma Family Law Attorney For more than four decades, we have helped families through some of their most challenging issues. We have in-depth knowledge of local family courts and have helped with paternity cases, divorce, and adoptions. Claremore OK Child Custody and Support We understand the challenges of parenting after divorce. We can help you […]

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Estate Planning

Estate Planning Attorney in Claremore OK Planning an estate requires making very personal decisions. We understand your estate planning is unique to you and we always take the time to find out your goals before we recommend a plan that works for you. For more than four decades, we have helped individuals with simple and […]

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Claremore Probate Court Procedures Attorney Whether you need help developing a strategy to resolve an estate issue, or you are simply new to the probate process, we can help. We can help identify and locate beneficiaries, pay estate creditors, collect funds which are owed to the estate, transfer assets, and pay necessary taxes. We understand […]

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Personal Injury/Tort Litigation

Personal Injury/ Tort Litigation in Claremore OK Back injuries, car accidents, and slip and fall accidents can have a devastating impact on your future earning capacity. When another person is responsible for your injuries, they should be responsible for the financial burden placed on you due to lost wages, increasing medical bills, and other personal […]

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Bad Faith Insurance

Bad Faith Insurance Attorney in Claremore Most of us give little thought to paying our insurance premiums. We expect when we file a legitimate claim our insurance company will step up and do the right thing and pay the claim. We know this does not always happen and that is why we have fought for […]

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Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation Attorney in Claremore OK The last thing anyone wants to do is be involved in a lawsuit. However, at Higgins & Easley we know sometimes litigation is impossible to avoid. Whether you are suing someone because you were injured by their negligent behavior, you are in a dispute which cannot be resolved, or […]

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Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice Attorney in Oklahoma The third leading cause of death in the United States is medical error. Losing a loved one or suffering a life-long problem because a doctor failed to properly diagnose a medical condition is devastating. Another worry is the care of our loved ones in skilled nursing facilities. When we find […]

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